House Wine in a Can Assorted (24)

House Wine in a Can Assorted 24-Pack
Sold by: Precept Wine
$94.99 $180.00 47% off List Price
(12) - House Wine Original Red Blend, Chile, 375ml Can
(12) - House Wine Chardonnay, America, 375ml Can

Are these tall boys?

How is this a good deal? Or is it?

375ml = 12.68 fl oz

I’ve been informed that a couple cans are en route. I will pop these as soon as I get home tomorrow and let y’all know what I think!

Each can = 1/2 bottle

Case of 1/2 Canottles at $95… I’ll await klezman’s morning imbibement

Trader Joe has canned wine that might be similar to this, also at around $5 a can. Sounds nuts to me as it’s over $10/bottle for what has to be pretty cheap wine.


Hold My Wine


I could easily do all red blend…but with the Chardonnay it’s a no…

“Appellation: American”


Blasphemy. What’s next, beer in a bottle?

NASCAR Fan approved item :oncoming_automobile:

Given the sorry state of PC NASCAR these days, they’d better be looking for a new demographic.

Does the can come in a box?

I just bought some Underwood rosé cans, overpriced at $7. But decent enough wine for hot days at the pool/beach when dissecting a wine is not the idea but having a splash of wine without worrying about the glass is. So a matter of convenience. And hey, if it’s a matter of crappy wine in a can or crappy Bud Light in a can…

…I’ll take a can of decent beer (and I’m hardly a beer drinker). If I want cheap wine in a not bottle, there are plenty of (marginally potable) options.

This comes in at a little under $8 a bottle equivalent before tax. For “American” chard and Chilean “red blend”.

It has novelty value, like having a little keg labeled “Cheap White Wine” (in homage to the New Yorker cartoon of many decades ago showing a couple in a sports car in France passing a tanker truck labeled “Cheap White Wine”).

Agreed, decent beer yes, Bud Light not, hence my comparison. I got IPA’d a few weeks ago in the hot sun and water. Too much decent beer! :slight_smile:

And you’re right, these are bulk wines, probably direct from that tanker you mention.

So I’m not touting quality here, just that chilling 'em down and taking them to the playground and not worrying about glass etc is not necessarily the end of the world as we know it. (well, unless the BPA gets ya)