House Wine in a Can Assorted (24)

House Wine in a Can Assorted 24-Pack
Sold by: Precept Wine
$94.99 $180.00 47% off List Price
(12) - House Wine Original Red Blend, Chile, 375ml Can
(12) - House Wine Chardonnay, America, 375ml Can

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Previous Rats, think these will go until next summer?

They are in a can for god sakes, they will be good until the next ice age!

Hey…be nice!!

The title says exactly what it is- House wine in a can. Had some good wine from wine.woot but this isn’t one of them. I hope it stays “good” for a long time because we certainly aren’t going to go through it. Saving it for company who doesn’t care about wine. Future pass for me. Unfortunately not a past pass.

Yeah, all good. Not my usual type of purchase. But when it’s a 100 degrees at the beach and someone wants a can of wine I’m ok with it :wink:

Hey I didn’t say anything is wrong with the wine just that it should last a loooong time sealed in a can :slight_smile:

I’m picturing one of you holding a wonderful April Fool’s dinner and serving these.

I prefer to make people try these before I break out the good stuff :slight_smile: damn snobs!

Cortot is familiar with my tactics

What the hell. Great for on the golf course, that’s for sure. I’m in. My game can’t get any worse.

If you paid $10 for a basic bottle of wine, it would cost about 40 cents/oz. If you paid $5, it would cost about 20 cents/oz. This deal costs about 35 cents/oz.

I guess I thought it would be cheaper, but that isn’t bad at all if they are drinkable. I have a low tolerance, but the reviews of these are not helping…