Housecleaning College

The DC44 is the supermodel of vacuums; beautiful, slim, makes you the envy of your friends. Just don’t ask a supermodel to actually work too hard. It doesn’t like bits of hard plastic, doesn’t deign to pick up staticky bits of paper clinging to your rug, moderately sized vitamin pills, etc. It works well enough to get up that invisible stuff that you can’t see on the rug - it gradually fills the tank, and the tank is easy to empty. And it’s really pretty, and you’ll be the envy of your friends. . .

Has DC25 and DC44.

DC44, while nice, feels anemic unless turbo mode is on, and the battery dies in matter of minutes (thankfully, long enough to vacuum up a flight of carpeted stairs.) Brushes are air-propelled, if you needed an affirmation–that is, it spins uncomfortably slow in normal mode. Take that as what you will. Best handheld vacuum I’ve ever used, but I think it’ll only be your only vacuum if you live in a loft studio, or at least live in a house with hardwood floor that you’d clean one room a day for.

DC25? Light (for an upright), strong, easy to clean. Powered headbrush. Using the boom/wand/whatchamacallit is kind of a pain, though, only because it’s attached to the flexible hose that really, really would like to shrink back down.

Does anyone know why there seems to be an endless suppply of refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners available for discounted sale on the secondary retail market? Why can I never find refurbished Miele vacuum cleaners for sale?

I own the DC44, and the brushroll IS powered by its own motor. The DC44 brushroll IS NOT air-driven. In my opinion, the DC44 is not “anemic.” It has so much power in regular mode, I virtually never use turbo. As far as battery life, I get 20 minutes. I’ve never had the battery run out. I run out of things to vacuum before the battery dies.

Double-checked. Brushhead is rated at 20W–so it is motorized. Interesting! Still seems to spin slower in normal mode, though.

still in love with my Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum after so many years.

I am shocked that the Dyson hand held sold out this fast. I bought one (new) several years ago at Target for $99.00 on sale and took it back after 3 days. It was miserable to work with. The suction really wasn’t any better than any other hand vac. The upholstery attachment is so small it takes three times longer to vacuum a sofa! No thanks.

My wife wants one of the Animal ones but I keep missing out on it EVERY TIME woot sells them! I refuse to pay the $400 or whatever retail elsewhere…oh well, maybe next time!