Houses of the Crappy

Snagged it!


Did I really get one or am I dreaming???


Got to waiting list denied page for first time on 77th attempt!!! Progress!!!

3 different bags of crap = 2 server error screens and a denied. I am going to cry myself to sleep now.

made me sign in w/ password that time. another fail.

the only thing B.O.C. is to me is Bring On Carpaltunnel. left index finger refresh pain.

Woot member since 2005, just bought my first Bag of Carp, ever…

Yup. Lost it at the password

Finally got one! Glad I didnt go to bed!

I’m gonna give it one more try and thats it. well… maybe two.

I’m now doing it for the state of Louisiana

Nice !!! Congrats

Louisiana got a lot earlier… just saying

Michigan hasnt been lit up in a while. I’ll do it for the Wolverine state. Why the heck am I up at 5am doing this…

Use Chrome and have it save the pass when you sign in.

Sent you a message

My husband has been on woot since we have been married in 2001 and he just got his first. Now Im working on mine. it was funny to see his face when on my first try I got to a denial.

Wooting since 2006 and bought my first bag of crap earlier tonight. Thanks and credit to web articles and community tips!

(use Wootalyzer, log in within the last 15 minutes and follow the community page)

Good luck and woot on!

With this particular Bag of Carp name, we should get a Led Zeppelin box set, just sayin…