Housewarming Gifts

Coooooozy! Nice work Littleclyde :slight_smile:

Icon on my facebook feed made me time-brain trip back to thinking it was xmas.

D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww <3 How cute :slight_smile:

This design has such a Christmasy feel to it, I’d recommend grabbing one now and breaking it out for the holidays.

(or, if you’re like me, packing it away with the Christmas stuff you still need to put away…)

ok, first I found myself saying “awww” followed by thinking “isn’t that sweet” and now we get to “do I have t-shirt money left in the budget?”

Just looked again + the meter hit adorable, so posting now before stream of cuteness gets worse.

The home truly is where the heart is :slight_smile: Love it!

The design gets a 10+ on the cute meter, but ahhhhh, not baby blue again. I don’t think my closet would allow another baby blue shirt.

WHOA WHOA WHOA… Hold up… Artist claims to be from here… I’m sweating right now… What do you know about scarves and snow Michelle Li?

The write up makes you wonder … “if only the walls could talk”.

On the other hand, if you are finding that the walls in your house are indeed talking, then you might want to look for an exorcist instead of a shirt.wooter’s advice.

If my walls could talk, they’d likely say something like, “AUUGGH! Why do you have so many picture frames and clocks?! I can feel every single nail and pin! Kill meeeeeeee!!!”

…or some such nonsense. Stupid walls, they probably deserved it.

Does anyone else think the house looks like a tea kettle?

That house is wearing a scarf that the fourth Doctor would be proud of.

yes. also, red really does work on baby blue. Larkitecture (today’s oddly coincidental shirt choice) always gets good reactions.

Wow, almost 7 minutes to first sucker?! Does this shirt even break the century mark? Let’s find out…

Awwwwwwww :slight_smile: cozy house is cozy!

Yay! congrats Michelle!

What, no hot mug cocoa?

Cute shirt.

Wow. It’s been almost 7 hours since Housewarming initially posted and only 11 states are on the heat map. I think woot is trying to save all the shirts on the reckoning that are nearing milestones.

can somebody help me out with the sizing, please?
what does ws mean?
I am looking foe the very smalles size for a baby,
thanks all

never mind
found the sizing chart!