Hoven Floatable Monix - Polarized

You may want to think twice before ordering these. I ordered these and received them very quickly. I didn’t realize they had this “Patented CliC Magnetic Connection Technology” and even if I did, I wouldn’t have known what it was.

Basically these are once piece of plastic running from the hinge on one side all the way around the back to the hinge on the other side. Then the two lens area’s are connected by a magnet system at the nose bridge!

When I first took them out of the package I thought they were broken because they came apart at the nose bridge. Then I realized this is the only place you can open them to put them on your face. I guess I’m not up to speed on new sun glass technology.

This would all be fine but every time I tilted my head up to look at anything the hard plastic neck “strap” hit the back of my neck putting enough pressure on the nose magnetic clasp that it poped open.

I didn’t realize that you can pull the neck-strap part out up to about one inch to adjust this behavior. After I pulled both sides back to about 1/2 inch, I can now use these and they won’t pull apart at the nose bridge.

Just be aware that these shades work in this manner and they do not fold up for storage in a case or other typical storage spaces for sunglasses.