Hover-1 Scooter ALPHA Factory Reconditioned

Hover-1 Scooter ALPHA Factory Reconditioned

My first ALPHA scooter burned down my home, my second burned off the top of my scalp… I’ll pass on this

This one has a BT speaker, though.

I love the one I got on a prior woot. Where I would take it is gradually uphill and it runs out when I get to my destination… About 2 miles. For whatever reason the charger gets super hot when used at that destination for 2 hrs. Charging at home for 6 hrs it stays cool. Weird. Great around flat areas with much better range, but ride can be rough at times. I would not recommend leaving it charging for more than a few hours nor unattended just in case.

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This is the second one I get, the first one was front wheel drive V2. I didnt really like it. So i gave it to my sister. It provided an ok ride. Ok transportation, not much more. When it went on sale again I took a chance and yay! I got lucky i received a rear wheel drive. It is such a better scooter. Faster, more stable. I love this thing. Unfortunatly on my second ride, like a lot of users. I got a flat. It had the wrong tube in there. I had to peal the reflectors, and I scratched my wheel getting the new tune on there… im a bit sad on how it looks. Otherwise so far so good.