Hoverboard with Galaxy Light-Up Wheels

Hoverboard with Galaxy Light-Up Wheels

Is this the one that will randomly burn down your house?


Only on Christmas. Gotta make sure you keep it near the tree while charging to really feel the warmth of the Christmas spirit.

I am so glad these things started to fade away with fidget spinners.


Anyone know how much of a hard limit that 200-pound weight limit is? I’m on the big side, and wondering of it’ll still work at ~300 lbs or break outright?

Let’s see, take a device rated for 200 lbs, whose weight supporting frame contains a battery that may spontaneously combust if it is damaged, and place a weight over 200 lbs on it in a manner that stresses said frame and possibly damages said battery. I’d go with “pretty solid” on the limit.

The ugly reality on this kind of device is that it’s a toy, and the engineering supporting it is a bit spotty. If the forming mold is an older one, who knows what defects are now “baked in”, so to speak, as the best way to sell these cheap is buy a previous company molds and design and knock off a ton of them. These suckers are relying on mostly plastic to bridge a foot and a half gap between two supporting wheels AND support the entire weight of the user AND accept high transient loads during movement AND also contain a battery that doesn’t like being pressured or warped. What could go wrong, eh?

“Experience with Burning Man a plus.” FIRE!

Surprised these things are still being sold. Not surprised you’re selling them, though.

Omg. LOL :laughing::partying_face::raising_hand_woman::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Not seeing these on the main page…did these get recalled mid day? I hope no Christmas trees were harmed


When a product isn’t selling too well, Woot will change the item, but link to the old one.