How about a podcast album by Matthew?


I would like to hear Matthew’s greatest hits on CD. (If that defeats the purpose of podcasts, tough toenails.)
Which tunes should be included?

Worst Woot Ever is a must
Bag of Crap is a good one too.

Please submit your favorites.
After a sufficient amount of time has passed, I will submit a list to Matthew - and the powers that be at Woot.


I like the pirate ones and my all time favorite was the MP3 played.
For those of us without an Ipod…good idea.


Any other selections for the favorites list?


Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive (Wednesday, January 11)


you could always make your own custom “best of” cd… they’re giving away the mp3 files for download…


OK, Latest list for top favorite podcasts that we need on Matthew’s CD

Worst Woot Ever
Just Projecting
B-A-G of C-R-A-P
The Woot-Off Song

The last two will help introduce newbies to these unique woot concepts
I think this album willl be gread advertising for Woot!, as well as a pleasure for the rest of us.

Please add more songs to this list.


Wow. Next thing you’ll suggest is I build my own computer with parts from Woot.