How are post ranks figured out?


I was just checking the user info on Jason Toon and being the power that be
I was surprised to see him ranked at 8

Post statistics, rank, and history
Total Posts 361
Post Rank 8

So I decided to check others:
Post statistics, rank, and history
Total Posts 3,080
Post Rank 0

ZERO is better than 8 I would guess but its NOT because I have ZERO with only 58 posts

Then there was Josephus
Post statistics, rank, and history
Total Posts 4,330
Post Rank 4

So confused.


From what I can figure…sometime last year, maybe early fall…woot gave everyone a number based on # of posts.
That number has never changed.
FenStar wasn’t around then. He will remain at 0 forever. Or until the woot gods fix the numbers.

The numbers were done in groups. There was more than one #1.

Please don’t tell Fen that woot thinks he is a 0. He seems to have enough issues!


Fen will always be #1 to me.


Maybe all you 0’s can start a club.
As a 64, I think I’m on my own.
Will you still need me?


go #1’s!



Go whores!

How do you explain to people that you are the main whore?


I’m the main whore?!?!?!



Well, you’re the BEST whore…



uhhh…I am???


LOL, Of course you are, hon!!
There was never any doubt…



umm…there wasn’t?

KT? AZ? Lynnie? Poof??..


I’m seeing some doubt here! :tongue:


You started the thread guy. Bonus points, no doubt, you are the whore.




Ah, I don’t count. I am a misfit. All yours buddy…


No, you don’t count 'cause you aren’t in the “members” list.
You must have signed up to not be listed or something…


Yea, I’d hit it…

Wait, what were we talking about?


LMAO, do guys EVER think about anything else?
OK, food, beer…maybe the occasional game.

Well, at least y’all are simple to understand…



I’m a 0 too


You know, I’m trying, but I don’t have the mental capacity to argue with any of that seeing as my every thought is clouded by sex.

The only thing I can think of is that Vodka has fewer carbs than beer and I like to remain thinner than your average American gent.

EDIT: Errr, no offense stout, beer drinking American gents. It’s a personal thing. You’re all still cool to me and I do love the ol’ oat soda.