Please explain to me why there is no option to search for an item that I am looking to purchase. Or maybe that’s a new sales tactic you’re trying, by forcing the customer to HAVE TO LOOK THROUGH EVERYTHING THAT is listed so they can’t just look for the one item and by making them look through everything it might stimulate the mind and sublimely make so we’re interested in other items to purchase. IT’S VERY VERY frustrating not being able to have an option to do an advance search for what it is I’m wanting to buy. Will you PLEASE make it so we can search. You say how much you care for the customers, if thats true why have you made it so it’s causing nothing but a headache. ? Please help.

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I just had to deal with that a few minutes ago. I knew I saw something earlier, but could not find it again.

Go to Google and enter “” then a space and whatever you want to search for.

BTW: This works for almost any site.

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You can search on . And then click on an item to be taken to

I would only support a search button if it provided the right item 1 out of 11 times.

I guess searching the forums is too difficult for most. As the germans would say, cest la vie, mon amie.

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How do people shop in brick and mortar stores without a search function?

Is all humanity doomed because of @wajeremy?


I think that’s true just in general.


It works for Costco.

Don’t bother craning your neck to look for aisle guides. Costco doesn’t have aisle guides. It’s supposed to be a treasure hunt, remember?

  1. Search option would take the thrill of the hunt aspect away from woot. Every one knows it all starts with a BOC. Which lets face it odds are. Its more thrilling when seen on than usually seen in person.
  2. Expense lets all say it together “EXPENSE.” That little word means alot to woot. The cost or expense on creating a search feature. Would even furthermore increase the cost to run and manage woots website or app versions.
  3. Us customers would end up paying. Lets again face it most prices aren’t much of a savings as they seem already with so many bigger options available. Especially on items under $20 crap actually under $50 unless its obsolete Mothership electronics thats an exception.

If my kids are any judge, I am responsible for all the bad things on this planet.


So they’ve got big plans for world domination huh? Nice.

Huh - I only got declared the worst mother in MN. Must have been doing fairly well.