How come I do not get the specials


I noticed that woot has a specials page. I believe you have to get an invite from them. Have I not spent enough money yet to get an invite.


WHAT? Woot has a specials page? I’ve never been invited. Anyone? I’ll start crying.




Yeah, sniff…

woot has favourites and we aren’t among them!

I’ve been meaning to ask about it. From what I’ve read, that link was sent in an e-mail to previous purchasers of the Infocus 61". I guess wooters had family and friends who watched their tv and wanted one, too, so I they set up that VIP page. It’s the only one of which I’m aware, but that doesn’t mean anything, heh…was surprised when I saw this one!


Hmmm…wouldn’t want that thing in my house anyway…too much of a fire hazard.


//sets fire to… oh wait…


I think it is a good idea to send emails to all there customers if you have items remaining. We get a 2nd chance to buy and you get to get rid of the left overs. in fact why even end an item keep it active until they sell out. You still introduce a new item once a day but the old item can still be bought in the community.


I am sure an email will be going out about the EA games for sale today :wink:

I loved NHL 95 in 1995-96. Now I :heart: Battlefield 2.



As gimma said, I think its more due to the fact that people who had bought the TV had friends that liked it. Then from there, they probably contacted Woot seeing if they could buy one from them direct. Woot probably had some left and went ahead and sold them a TV outside of the normal window. Then Woot probably had mulple situations just like that, so they decided just to put up the other page instead of having a bunch of people contacting them about the TV. The only reason they probably did it, is because it’s such a big ticket item and requires special shipping, so its probably easier to do it that way then listing again on the main page multiple times over.