How do derby artists submit entries so fast?

The #150 derby just started and there’s already so many entries in, I don’t get how that works. Do they get notified of future derbies in advance so they have time to come up with designs?

they’re announced a day in advance, so everyone has 24 hours to work on an entry prior to when entries are allowed. In addition, sometimes the theme coincidentally fits some art that some artists have done previously but not submitted.

plus a lot of artists keep copies of elements they use a lot.


voodoo hoodoo

i have thought the same, so good question

It’s a conspiracy.

Also, there are rumors of being able to somehow get your design in before anyone else.

At least, that seems to be the case since certain artists tend to always be Johnny-on-the-spot with their subs…

They outsource it to Indians in India who work diligently all night as we sleep so that when the entrance time begins, the final designs of high quality are ready.

meth. crack. combinations thereof.