How do I add an image signature with a link?

I am a new poster to this site and several times now I have failed to add a working signature with a link. While I have been able to add hyperlinked text or an image with an associated hyperlink, I haven’t (for example) been able to back-link to my own derby entry. This may be a little vein but most people reference their own works in their tags and I would like to be able to do the same.

Would someone please explain what I am doing wrong in referencing my derby entry, possibly by posting example (or their own) BBcode for a picture signature? Thanks a bunch!

You use the following codes:

[ url ] link [ /url ] for links
[ img ] link [ /img ] for images
remove the spaces of course.

Best thing is to download the nifty guide linked in my signature though.

Also, if you see a post doing that has what you want to do, just hit reply to see the codes. I learned a lot doing this.

Thanks a lot for your help, ThuderThighs (snicker…) - that clears things up!

I’m fairly certain you can’t use img tags in your signature until you’ve made at least one purchase.

There you go. Go to “My account” and scroll down to your signature and look at how that works.

Thanks for all the replies.