How do I get back to Woot Plus?

My Woot! App notified me of a deal. Currently it’s on generators and when I went there the category was “Woot! Plus”. I used the in app go back arrow which took me to the main page showing the daily deals. And, now, I can’t figure out how to get back to the deal on generators and I don’t see “Woot! Plus” mentioned anywhere. Since notifications disappear as soon as you use them, I can’t use that to get back either.


Was it this section? (lots of generators here)


Yeah, the app doesn’t do “back” very well.

They’re under the Promotions tab. So go to Categories using the navigation bar. Pick the Tools category. From there, tap on Promotions.

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Yes, that’s the one. But I don’t see how to get there any way but following the link you’ve posted.

Nothing under “Promotions” leads me to that same page. Tools&Garden->Deals->Powertools&Accessories takes me to a group which includes generators, but that isn’t the same as the “page” linked above.

I would like to point someone to the generator deals, so me being able to get to the page isn’t as useful as it could be

Using the forum search is a good way to find things on the app since most product listings have an auto generated forum thread. This will get you all the generators…

Sort by Latest Topic for the most recent product listings. Or just modify the search in the screenshot below to include this full string…
Generator in:title status:open @wootbot order:latest_topic

Yep, you are correct. That event is living on and there’s no category for it.

Shortsighted on our part. I’ll bring it up to the buyers for future.

In the meantime, @Wooter781085083 idea for using the forums may be the way to go.

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