How do I stop all the e-mails?


I can’t dissable RECIEVE E-MAILS. However I did dissable “Use ‘Email Notifications’ by default” but I am still getting flooded with reply e-mail messages. How do I stop them?



Cruzer got stuck with those for a long time. His was only one thread, though. Just keep trying to switch it back and forth.


I would assume you mean your being flooded by messages from the community chat board. Heres the secret, look to the bottom of the forums page you are being flooded by, you will see a tab called “options” , click that tab and a new list will appear below it. The last section is labled as “send E-mail” select never from the drop down menu and click on the apply button on the bottom right! Hope that helped stop the e-mails!


Try what lordelix said, but if the e-mails continue, I can ask one of the codeslaves to look into it. Try your forum settings, first.

******** IMPORTANT EDIT******
Okay, I just saw your enlarged profile page and I think that’s the problem. The settings are wrong. You must have done the logical thing and changed the default settings in your profile, like I did. I know that they appear correct, logically…it drove me nuts, but I finally asked someone to checktheir default settings under e-mail options (in your profile) I guess it’s a bug.
Change them to:
** Email Options

Receive Emails:
Receive Emails in HTML:
Use ‘Email Notifications’ by default:
CRAZY, I know, but for some reason, they’re backwards. Try it…what do you have to lose, heh?**

Someone else, please check yours, k? Thanks.


Wow, just checked my setting and they are the same as you have described. Thats a really weird bug… pretty annoying too lol. Glad theres a fix tho!!

gimmaroon is teh b0mb


oh good f-in God!..Thank God you were able to fix this![8-)]




I find that bullets work very effectively.


don’t even THINK about it ya jerk! [:)]


Hahaha…that was funny; well sorta.

At least you were only getting them for one forum! I was getting them for them all!


haha, yes but I was getting 50 emails a night because of ya’ll! FROM ONE THREAD! [:)]


Crap, can you imagine if TavisJohn is getting them for all forums, now? For us, at least it was happening early in 2.0


Hmmm… Now who would do such a thing?


I don’t know!!



ain’t that the truth! Thankfully he wasn’t getting them for the post whore thead in the early days!


Thanks you for my smiley, lordelix…I think, heh.

Of course, we haven’t heard anything from TavisJohn, yet. (I even pm’ed him the info.) He may have closed his e-mail and woot accounts!


You’re welcome! I love smilies

.I hope we didnt loose him, altho I wouldn’t blame him if he did close that account. hehe , just imagine getting emails from each post from say… the PWA thread lol .


I tried it once…it didn’t last long…