How do you check for "more than one entry"?

All the contests have the same “one entry per person” restriction. BUT I just tested the “post count” display (toward the bottom of the first entry giving contest details) and I find that it does NOT (or at least not immediately) clearly indicate a “valid” single-entry status if I deleted a second post (while testing if I had already entered). Look at post approx 2019 for contest ending 4/4/2022 where I tested this… just saying, unless you have some other tool to check entry counts, people probably THINK deleting a post fixes something which it really doesn’t…

Check again in 24 hours after your post has been deleted.

The Search bar has an “in this topic” filter. I use that to see if there’s more than on entry. And for me, a deleted entry is still an entry. One entry per person.



That certainly makes things simple.