How do you format links in Woot forums?

I tried the standard HTML (<a href="http://…) but that didn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure about this, but no one who knows is here
[ l i n k ] address [ / l i n k ] take the spaces out

^Iknow! look up BBCode on Wikipedia.


Don’t use html, use BBcode, like FN* said.

When you compose a message (either “quote” or “post”), you see a text box in which to type. To the left of the text box is a link, labeled “Formatting Guide.” Click on it and read it. (I haven’t figured out why the color tags don’t work, though.)

She’s only human.

That took forever! No matter what I did, it would try to make a link.

It’s ( what you want linked (/url)
only with [ insted of (

^niether does sizeing^

qwertyuiop, is that right?

Where have you been? Ever since fen showed up…I wonder…


or just


Poof isn’t here!

Did we answer Zachs question yet?

size works, just not the way it’s written in the formatting guide

[link][/link] see if this works

no, it didn’t.

Sorry Zack
qwerty should be able to help you.

^I don’t think they have it enabled or something^

Is what right?

I wouldn’t talk to myself as different personalities. I am not Fen, Fen is not me.

^ I see, I just needed the pt^

OK. As you must know, everyone is on the "I wonder if _____ is _____ list!
Was my answer right. Doesn’t look like it. It has worked for me in the past.

I usually only butt in when I think there’s something for me to say. When there are a lot of people posting, I’m usually content to just read. Ever since BB, Fen, and DeFsomethingorother showed up recently, there’s been more opportunities for just lurking.

^are you implying that i babble alot, or stir up trouble?^

Not fair. To get one new person we lose a older new person!