How He Survived

Hey, it’s Sherlock Wholmes.

This is awesome

Sherlock + Dr Who = Awesome Shirt!!!

And then the Tardis landed in Broadchurch…I did get a laugh from the action sequence though so thanks Robbie Lee.

Benedict Cumberbatch already explained how he survived, and sadly, it didn’t include any zygoma-buffing crossover fantasies.

That seems like the only logical explanation. Moffat!!!

To quote the recent American Dad: Gotta have an answer prepared, they’ll ask us at Comic Con!

I’m about tired of Dr Who shirts, already. Always the same old thing; Daleks or Tardis and every once in a great while, the Weeping Angel. Is that all there is?

And lo you will bring Cybermen and The Master upon us, non believer ; )

Well, when you can’t use proper names, places, celebrity likeness, etc? Yeah pretty much. It’s a ‘generic sci-fi show’ at its core, and aside from the symbolism you frequently see, or ‘Doctor outfits’, there’s not much to reference.

I think that may be part of why the “Weeping Angels” were so successful; it was something that could be visually iconic like the Daleks.

Edit: Cybermen aren’t visually consistent so they aren’t iconic. The Master only appeared in one modern Who episode so that is more targeting the classic fans (which the masses that watch it these days likely haven’t seen).

Well, we could do a few “Are you my mommy?” tees, a few choice Vashta Nerada mock ups, and a rare cybermen print…

Will that appease you?

Sometimes there’s a scarf, fez, or bowtie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This little Sherlock character “survives” but he still has x eyes and blood? when he hits the ground. I guess the doctors dropped him hard.

Oh and I’ve not watched Sherlock or much Dr Who either. Does this shirt count as spoilers?

Not the same old thing this time…You get two blue boxes this time :confused:

Vashta Nerada is terrific in “The Good Wife”.

It’ll take Venusian Aikido to tempt me.

I’ll see myself out ; )

Thanks for all the responses. :slight_smile:

Years ago, I watched a handful of episodes, painfully. I don’t understand the appeal.

“No, fraid not. We lost Howie the next night.”

“Over Macho Grande?”

“No, don’t think I’ll ever be over Macho Grande.”

100% agree.

I don’t get it. Is it that he fell from a lower height? There are still little black (not red, although red appears elsewhere so it is available) dots representing … blood, hair tonic, ink? Is this about a specific episode, and if so which one?