How It Really Works

I hope Mario catches that one.

this shirt is a must!!!

He’s falling! But wait-- where’s the gravity coming from?

Fame is a fickle friend…

Working scissors without opposable thumbs must be a real challange.

How what really works? Shooting stars? Meteors?

Look, a falling star! Make a wish, everybody!

Not a glow in the dark shirt? Pfft. How will I twinkle at night now? :’\

Aw yes, String theory : a developing theory in particle physics that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Gravity always wins but sometimes it has help.

When you wish upon a star…THEY COME FALLING DOWN RIGHT TOWARDS YOU! Look out!

That one poor guy in the back just looks like a belly button…LOL!

Congrats! Very happy to see a new face in the top 3!

Of course! Stars are left-handed! This explains everything!

So that’s how falling stars are made. It will go well with my shirt that explains how rainbows are made.

I spot a pair of Fiskars scissors in use if I’m not mistaken.

Those strings are probably made from Higgs bosons.

Oh- falling star. I get it. So a shooting star would be the same principle except with a magnum?

How It Really Works:

A “falling star” is technically called a meteoroid.

A meteor is the streak of light it makes as it falls.

And when it hits Earth, it becomes a meteorite.

Perhaps he’s near a sufficiently large planet, or too close to a black hole…I’d be more concerned about what those strings are connected to/if strings ARE all that’s holding them up…we’re good and skunked