How long have you been a Wooter, and What was your favorite Woot?


How did you first hear about woot, how long have you been a wooter, and WHAT was your favorite woot of all time and why.
(stuff you actually witnessed on woot, not old stuff you seen wooted)


Guess I should start it off eh? well…

HOW LONG) Been wooting for probably 2 years or so.

FAVORITE WOOT) Probably the Insignia Player they had… I love it, and still use it with no problems, and have upgraded firmware twice, which both times changed it’s functions drastically to where you anticipate the next change, as they do things you don’t even expect, and it turns out good. Only problem I have with that woot is that I didn’t realize I’d like it so much and only ordered 1 instead of 3.


I first seen a ad for Woot in 1973 on the back cover of Boy’s Life magazine. I sended the coupon in and has BEEN a Wooter ever since.

Its hard to pick a favorite. It would gots to be the Tammy Wynette potholders from the spring of '88, or the cornpone baking kit from 2001.

The Slim-Jim Collector’s Set from 2003 was neat too, but I missed OUT on that one.


I’ve been a member since nineteen dikkity two.

//shakes fist at the kaiser


my favorite woot was my first woot!!!

and the way i got here… was thru gimmaroon… she told me about woot
then i made woot swap shortly after… that was after a disaterous BOC
how long have i been here… 2 minutes… i just signed on… silly question