How long have you been a Wooter?

A very long time. I remember the picture of the office dogs, do you still have office dogs?

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First Woot! purchase: 10/7/2006

Kensington wireless mouse for around $40.

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I have already had 2, must be new Wooter luck or the old give them some BOC to pull them in to buy more scam :woozy_face:

@ChangoMalo they haven’t been in the office for the last year

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May 2007. Not quite OG but more than 5-10.

I still remember the secret Woot password. :sunglasses: Technically I’ve been using Woot since at least 2009 I believe, but then made a separate account afterward.

Not since day 1, but since Nov. 2007. Need an option for 10+ years. lol

First Woot for me was June 2007. My first score:


Join Date: Thursday, December 7, 2006

Like these :slight_smile: image

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I thought shirt.woot didn’t start until 2007

First purchase was in 2006: 15 years ago!
I still have that mp3 player in a drawer somewhere…


Someone from a forum called HardOCP got me into it right at the beginning. Took a solid 5+ years off then came back

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Exactly :fist_right: :fist_left: :+1:
Long enough to become an :older_woman: :astonished:

That was my 2nd purchase, in March of 2006. My first was a bread maker (in February 2006) that I used for about 10 years before it finally died. Back in the day where there was only one thing for sale each day (except for Woot-Offs).

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It’s not how long you woot it’s how well you woot…or so I’ve been told. :joy:

I had to check and then I got confused. My first purchase was in 2008, but that’s not more than ten years ago…

Oh no.

Amazon bought Woot in 2010.

I had no idea I was an OG wooter until I looked!

Respect me! :wink:

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Over 10 years and I still can’t change my avatar from this letter G :w_eyeroll2: