How long is the woot-off? 24 hrs ? 48 hrs?


How long is the woot-off? 24 hrs? 48hrs?


That’s the fun of it…
You never know!!!
My guess is that it will end sometime Friday evening.
But that is just a guess.




That’s like asking how many UFO’s are orbiting the planet at this moment.

Or how high gas prices can go.

Generally, 36-48 hours.
You’ll know it’s done when the homepage says “sorry, the sale’s over, you missed it”


I saw that for about 15 seconds last night… it made me sad.


You’ll know when the the item is sold out and doesn’t change. The past three have been ended with Monkeys (they are great for the office, not very loud at all)

The last three have also lasted around 36-48 hours. You just never know. I am guessing this one will end tonight, but I also am guessing they’ll have a BOC… didn’t last time. :frowning:


96 hours


Hey, how did you know??



They last until they stop