How long should item be awaiting pickup

I have an order waiting for ups to pickup and ship to me since Monday.

Is this normal and is there a chance my order will be cancelled?

Thx any help

This is my first time doing woot. Did not kbow under usually circumstances 2-3 day to ship.

I’ll just wait. Sorry jump gun

Hi there. Could you check your order history? I’m not seeing an order on this account. If needed, contact customer service

It was an order on Amazon fulfilled by woot.the order is 111-xxxxxxxxxx

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Thx for replying.

Has anybody thought about having little triangles and shapes of different colors by people’s nicks to indicate how many orders a wooter has wooted?

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Ah, ok. Amazon is deprioritizing shipments of some items right now. You shoUld have an estimated arrival date. I don’t have insight into orders on amazon. Sorry.