How Long Will it Last? The Tale of Cranky Cricket

YOU would call on us to send the resource files over, and all you would need to do is keep the filament flowing! LOL

Toys.Woot Users submitted designs, vote, then get produced! LOL

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Why would any company create a place where users design stuff, and then other users vote on what they would purchase?

Sounds like a poor plan.

Pyramid scheme for sure…

Woot is selling pyramids now?

I should check the Woot Product Search Engine.

shhh… don’t let Bill hear…


I wish I could give you a +1 for the Gravity Falls reference.

Oh well.

Have an image of Alex Hirsch instead:


This reminds me of the Toronto Raccoon.


HO Scale train folk got you covered with options.


That show was the best… Some of the greatest shows were gone too soon.

Heh. Canada.


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And then some awful shows actually lasted a few episodes (or a season), when they should never have been greenlighted in the first place.

Shame Cranky is no longer living.

I would have wanted a serial about him.

Hmmm, HO will be too small for Cranky. I may have found something but I’m waiting bc I only go to the office once a week and I don’t know if he’ll still be there.

(he will)

It’s funny how a channel will have a bunch of really great stuff at the same time, then go BLAH, then another station will pic it up.
I think OWL HOUSE is trying to pick up the void left by Gravity Falls, but there is some subtle SJW in there that makes me feel weird… LOL not sure the direction that they are going sometimes, plus, I can never seem to catch it.
Cartoon Network plays nothing but Gumball and Teen Titans Go… I don’t know what happened to their staff… It’s like once Steven Universe started, the whole station shifted, and not in a good way.
Disney is probably saving their best stuff for their streaming service, I would guess.
I have never seen the Bravest Warriors on any cable channel… Not sure if it was online only or not.

We need more spooks on the tube, for sure. I can’t do any of that cool-kid streaming much at home… got bad internet out in the stick.

Last thought on this, lucky cricket scene in Balls of Fury.

I could think of worse shows to air.


How about…

There’s always…

This may be harder than I thought.




I’m waiting for the memorial video.

Forums never disappoint. I’ve been laughing for a good 5 minutes. :grin:

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The main part of Woot is the forums.

All this stuff about selling items is merely to finance the forums.