How Long Will it Last? The Tale of Cranky Cricket


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Well, is he?

Personally I voted with the majority, that parts of him still are

However I haven’t seen the lizard that was in our new, swank first floor bath room again. I thought it was there to eat the big silverfish that was in the shower, but that disappeared last night during my shower.

Having a master suite on the first floor is nice, but it has its quirks.

Like the new emojiis :w_happy1:
:w_eyeroll1: :w_happy2:

Hey look you xcan put 2 big ones on one line!!
:w_happy1: :w_eyeroll1: :w_happy2:
make that 3!

Sorry to be so late with the update. Busy week, don’t ya know.

Well, poor Cranky’s body is in the bowels of some vacuum cleaner or off to a landfill somewhere. Even his RIP sign was gone. Gonna miss that guy. He was a quiet co-worker. Didn’t bother me.

Alas, since we could give him a proper burial, we’ll bury him in spirit.

Construction Bob took care of finding us a spot. We put a spec that we found on the floor that may or not be part of Cranky in the hole.


Construction Bob then said a few kind words after filling up that hole in my garden.


Go in peace, Cranky. You will be missed… maybe.



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What a sad day. Even the crickets are done with woot.

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I sometimes feel as if @ThunderThighs has too much time on her hands when she’s not busy on the forums.

But who cares?!? This is extremely entertaining (if not just sad).

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What a beautiful and sad tribute to Cranky. He will definitely be missed.

Could this all be done by TTs assistant and then posted by TT?

So TT has an assistant, but not new shoes?


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But they are New shoes. It could be a Woot Intern?

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