How many old Wooters (pre-WootBot) are still around?

Just wondering… since I haven’t seen very many of the “oldies and goodies” posting anymore.

(FYI, that’d be anyone that’s got a user number of 147778 or lower.)

How do you find a user #?

You’re 139693.

I’m 55692.


Simply mouseover the “send private message” link by their avatar and read the number… which shows up on your status line in most browsers.**

(& we’re up to 3 so far) :slight_smile:

How did you come up with the 147 thousand number?

Cruzer and TT are under it.

ah… looked at the WootBot’s # & subtracted 1.

Had to put a cut-off somewhere & just figured that’d be a pretty good indicator of an “old” Wooter.

I’m pretty old! :slight_smile:

I’m not quite so old…


I’d say old was when there was only one site and one thread.

I should have signed up the first night, instead of waiting to buy something.

Oops, wrong thread.

Too bad you don’t know anyone with a delete button.

I can’t see my number 'cause I’m on my phone but I think I’m post-bot era


I’m just a baby lol

I joined March 22, 2005. I’m on my phone so I can’t mouse.

guess i haven’t been around as long as I thought.

Joined Friday, August 19, 2005.


I’m old, but not pre-wootbot old. I’m like 2nd wave old.