How Many Orcs Does It Take...

They need to make sure that sucker’s grounded. Don’t want to get shocked by an electrical orc.

Those sure look like goblins to me Woot.

OMG…I have joined the hordes + have a favorite LOTR ref shirt…love the orcs. Great to see physical comedy come through in a (pardon) static design.


OMG I can’t believe how clever, fresh and FUNNY todays’ shirt is! BRAVO!!!

No, a goblin is like a smaller mutated orc.

… PLUS a constant.

Realize that but have been reading novels set during Blitz so achieved level: joke that makes sense to no one else based on gremlins as WWII saboteur thought.

I thought the answer was two, but no one knows how they get in there.

Looks like someone started calculus class! I look forward to more non-joke science as the semester goes on!

I love how the math is just random stuff probably copied and pasted from wikipedia.

FYI, the function being defined to find the minimum number of orcs needed to screw in a light bulb is likely not integrable and definitely not differentiable. So, most of those formulas there cannot be used. And the ones leftover (defining the recursive sequence and the triangle inequality) are useless for finding the min.

Convergence of the Maclaurin series for the number of orcs was proven by DURRRR, although he failed to see that the reverse triangle inequality gave the value of 3.

Hey look everyone, it’s that guy!

Do they get the energy for these bulbs from Mount Doom? Because really that’s the only sustainable way to power the war machine. Sauron can’t just buy power and men from the Haradrim, he has budget issues too, I’m sure.

Three! I only see two. That light bulb is never getting screwed in.

Hmm, maybe all Frodo needed to do to escape the Eye was turn off the high beam switch. Silly Hobbits, it was probably just behind that rock you stopped near as you simply walked into Mordor.

“Darn it,” you stole my response! :slight_smile:

Love the idea of this one, harzack! Favorite part: the Nazgûl freaking out at his clumsy underlings.

One of those bulbs has right hand threads and the other has left hand threads.

“… PLUS a constant.”

Sorry to be “that guy,” but I can’t help it when it comes to math. A constant of integration is only used when performing an antiderivative. Not for bounded integrals like these.

pay no attention to the orcs behind the curtain