How Many Planets?

It’s OK Pluto, you’re still a planet in Illinois.

I knew there would be consequences for smiting Pluto in our Science books! Edit: I also like how Titan is Jupiter’s Cookie!

Walmazan cute + bonus side placement…and we have a ringed planet besides Saturn – yeah!

Why are they trying to change a bulb that’s not burned out?

Can we get a zoomed in preview shot of Pluto?

Maybe they’ve already taken out the burnt out one and are screwing in the replacement?

I think the best part of this shirt is the placement. So many times people assume the center is where a design should be. Great job!

My favorite part of this shirt is that if Pluto joined, they’d be tall enough. I love it!

And in New Mexico!

What about screwing the bulb in with uranus?

Poor little Pluto, you’ll still be a naked dog walking around next to a talking dog in suspenders.

Pluto may be small, but it’s nicer than Uranus!


I love that people are still including people in all the space/planet themed things. :3

Thank you, Tweek, because now I understand the shirt!! (You know how some people have night blindness?? I have shirt blindness sometimes!!!)

Oh, and for the record, I loved the shirt and interpreted the bulb as the sun, and started off by counting the planets before I scrolled down to make sure that pluto was on there, but I didn’t get the title until Tweek.

Beautiful Shirt, in so many ways!!!

If the sun is a bulb that’s quite a spectacular planetary alignment going on there. Everyone except Pluto. Yes, Pluto is still a planet in my world.

Yup. We actually declared March 13, 2007 “Pluto Planet Day”

It never should’ve been a planet anyway.

Not pictured: Ceres, Eris, et. al., who are all looking on with a rather smug look on their face.

Here is a better view. My favorite is Uranus

Adorably funny, Wences! Congrats on the print. :slight_smile: