How many times a day do I have to login?

What’s the deal on this wootoff on May 27th? I scored the aftershocks headphones at 9am. When the Firestick showed up just before 6 PM they get swiped from my cart because I have to log in again! So now 9:30 comes I see the 4k firestick is next. I go to my account it ha me log in again! I make sure to check keep me logged in. I go back to home and wait… Here come the firesticks. I click purchase or whatever the big yellow button says and BANG the login screen appears again! Needless to say I lost them again! WTF Woot with this app on android. I’m on a Samsung note 9

Yeah, sorry. For security, your login expires after a while so others can’t purchase on your account/device.


i’m curious about this as well…read somewhere in the forum that once an hour is about right, but it seems to me that ‘keep me signed in’ should mean just that.



Okay but the elapsed time from checking my account knowing the 4k firesticks were approaching and attempting to purchase said items while having the keep me signed in couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes.

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