How much do you weigh?


This is going to be the best thread ever!

145 lbs.


ROFLMAO!!! Possibly one of the shortest threads ever.


No kidding! Don’t you know you NEVER ask a lady how much she weighs? :wink:




There are ladies around here??? :omg:

ducks and runs




well that didn’t take long at all…


Double “ahem”


Thanks Acemom…keep him in line!


i wonder if the majority of Wooters are overweight?


Yeah, I just got back here and look what I saw… :frowning:

But at least I didn’t smack ya!!



waits to get smacked


Interesting question.
I am not.


Well, for women, it isn’t that simple. There are all kinds of weights…

There is your summer weight.
There is your winter weight.
There is with your shoes weight.
There is the without your shoes weight.
There is the naked, first-thing-in-the-morning weight.
There is the with clothes, evening weight.
There is your time of the month weight.
There is your stress weight.
There is your carefree weight.

And any of those can make you +/- from one day to the next. It is maddening.

Hmmm…I can think the ladies can think of one better.

*Peanuts, ladies?


I weigh enough to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.


yeah well…if ya think ladies lie about their weight…it ain’t nuthin compared to what men would say if we started that thread!!

I think Mr Rumsfeld put it best:


type . . . edit . . . delete . . .


That’s 8 inches. Sh!t anyone can see that.


LMAO!!! You have the same kind of ruler that my hubby has!!!


D@mn! That would make me like 12 feet tall! :meh: