How much Woot could a Wootchuck chuck...?


What makes Woot Woot?
What is the defining wooty quality that makes this website the rollickin’ good fun/successful business venture that we all keep returning to, much like a dog to it’s own hork?
Is it peas and carrots? Doubtful, or I’d be spending more time at the supermarket.
Cheap electronic widgets and cheaper shipping? Mmmm, not quite - I’ve only bought a couple of items since joining in April.
Snappy ad copy? - Certainly entertaining, but I can read funny werdz at the Onion without being tempted to spend money on gizmos I don’t need.
Why does Woot make big $$ and why do we keep enabling them?
When Woot sees another website shamelessly borrowing an idea, which idea is it that will make their wooty lawyers start typing cease and desist letters?
Define what may be indefinable, if you can.


Blue tubs meandered blissfully thru the yogurt. Twice…


pretty lights??
i like pretty lights



It doesn’t take much positive reinforcement to keep 'em coming back. Lots of people buy lottery tickets, where a given person isn’t going to win very often. The actual per-person buying frequency is also not necessarily a good indicator; although the widgets may not have been appealing enough for you to buy, maybe they’re close enough to crap you really would want to buy, to make you think “tonight’s the night I might buy something.” It’s the idea that you might miss out on something good.

The ad copy and user forums, with funny put-downs of their own products and (mostly) freewheeling discussions of merits of the products, contribute to a perception of frankness and honesty. It’s certainly different from a stereotypical used car lot. Maybe they help to make people feel more comfortable coming back to Woot.


Me too!


Thanks, username.

As for the rest of you…


A Puppy!


Is that a bud? It looks more like Rip Taylor’s toupee.