How Rainbows are Made

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How Rainbows are Made
Price: $10
Shipping Options:: $0 Standard OR $5 Standard International
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Dec 29 to Tuesday, Dec 30) + transit
Condition: New


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8/14/2014 - $10.00 (Woot-off)

5/2/2014 - $12.00 (Woot Plus)

Total woot killer.

are you kidding? A Woot shirt in woot off, not even reduced. Woot, your downhill slide has reached the bottom. You suck now. A lot.

So they are just throwing crap up that’s left laying around now. Not one good deal today.

I keep thinking what if its a trap…
but i dont order cause I dont want to get stuck with a shirt

Still at 100%. I think someone hit too many zeros when putting in the quantity.

I think this shirt would work with my Rainbow Brite costume. Don’t know Rainbow Brite? Look it up! You got plenty of time to buy more coal for the New Year.

No one will buy this POS.

Let’s move on to a worthy offering.

Quit wasting our time.


probably because it will be the last item of the woot-off

Should be. I’ve never seen a weekend wootoff.

Porky pig says, “that’s all folks”

It appears as though the Woot-off has stalled. I hope that there are some fabulous screaming flying monkeys on their way. Otherwise I’ll feel as though I’ve wasted my entire evening!

it appears that seven have been sold. This implies that there at least somewhere around 750 available (assuming that when it hits below 99.5% it will drop to 99$)

Saturday Woot-Offs would make too much sense. We couldn’t have that.

Ditto! I really want/need to screaming monkeys!! Shirt is still at 100% WTF!

No bag all woot off? Odd, isn’t it?

Agreed, this might be the denouement of the Boxing Day woot-off.

Thanks to the Woot Staff working this one today and causing marital tension from my checking the site too often!

Should be edited to “last item of the worst woot off ever-the one where woot didn’t even try”

Remember the good old days when woot was good and unique? when you can buy really neat stuff at great prices? sigh! wish those days were back :frowning: