How the Deer Gets His Antlers

I had a feeling this was printing here.

Congrats, Edgar. Good luck with the sales!

Edgar? Wheee! No doubt buying! And congrats!

It’s like the tree is working on the deer’s weave.

I can totally see myself lifting weights in this shirt.

How is the deer holding the mirror? It lacks fingers…or hands at all! Hooves can’t hold things!

All is right in the world. I will go to bed a happy person, with visions of Edgar’s whimsical drawings dancing in my head.

i’m just anticipating our fellow wooters who enjoy pretending things are in images that really aren’t–for example, that mirror looks sorta like a paddle the deer could use on the unsuspecting nut-eaters.

and look at that: someone already made my point for me. <=)

So trees actually die from giving away all their branches, instead of humans.

I think the real question here is: how is he holding on to the mirror? Deer don’t have opposable thumbs!

He slipped it between the slot in the hooves… or perhaps, he put a specific notch in the underside of the hoof to hold it in place.

What she said. I love it!

you’re right! i wonder if that means this is a doe trying to impersonate a buck or a buck that needs some…er…enhancements…

Bartender, I’ll have what Edgar is having.

u shouldve saws my face.

i was like, whats this weird yellow shirt today…

then i saw tree face.

then my face went :open_mouth:

then i saw edgars name.

it was over

Congrats on the print, Edgar.

However, I’m still personally holding out hope for “My Pet Deer” to print somewhere, someday.

I’m seeing “How The Doe Gets Her Antlers” here, and I just can’t un-see it.

Wonder what the bird thinks of this peculiar kind of “gentrification?” Love you Edgar!!!

a weave!
the momma bird is like… hey come back w/ my babies!!!

who is this edgar and why is he so popular here?

Edgar is an artist and shirt designer and he’s popular around here because he’s damn good.

Congrats on the print, Edgar! Very, very well deserved.