How The Moon Was Won

I hope they realize the trailer they posted does have full nudity without a warning =(

and there is a cowboy Bebop Reference. I am pretty sure a few wooters died while waiting for the turnover. (if it lets me post through the server error)

Speed to first woot: 15m 49.813s

The product update came late though.

Hmm. I enjoy black, but I’m not too sure about this one. I’d probably be more into it if I didn’t just by Finding Technicolor two days ago.

Not sure what to do.

might want to put a warning on that video link about the moon

I can barely tell that this is two robots fighting. All I can really make out is the knife. Buying.

I like your other work - not a fan of these colors.

shirt.woot! side deal don’t work…

 Used promotion code:  Invalid

Also can’t leave a comment on Discuss This Side Deal. Woot is really falling down tonight/this morning on the whole “let’s sell stuff on a web site concept”.

nice. i like it.
in for one.

Hmmm, you’re right about the promotion code. That site has a t-shirt I’ve been wanting, too, so I tried. Maybe later in the day it will work.

perhaps, since Washington is on a later timezone, they may not have the code set (because it’s not Tuesday for a few more hours) many times, those are time/date sensitive.

Oh Noes! It’s probably just a woman anyway… never get to see any accidental naked men.

Bill Sienkiwicz drawing much of anything was usually a nightmare.

I really like this. I’d love to have it in the form of a print for my office wall.

Ooh. Nightmares make for great art.


So, I think this shirt is pretty cool. I bought one so that definitley makes it even cooler…or does it? Possibly not.

You mean a warning about unattractive women with saggy boobs, right?

I would buy one if it wouldn’t require several minutes of staring at my chest to figure out what the hell is going on.

I like this design a lot, it looks like two robots got in a fight and all the pieces got mixed up together. But why black? The other black shirt from here I’ve gotten tends to catch fuzzy bits and hold on to them like nobody’s business. Why are all the good shirt designs on dark colors? Are lighter colors too girly or something?

that’s usually the case… or people complain they can’t wear the color well.