How to find a comment I posted about a previous woot

There was a refurb PC available on woot a few weeks ago and in considering it, I did some research (looked up the relative speeds of a few different computer CPUs) and posted info and some couple questions there.

I didn’t write the info down, and now I’d like to go back and read that post that I made.

I figured that after logging in to woot, I would be able to click on “your account” and link to my forum posts and find it there, but I wasn’t able to find a way to do that.

Could someone tell me how I can search for previous posts by username (or just for my own previous posts)? Thanks.

If you remember some of the words you posted, throw your user name and the words you typed in the “google custom search” over there>>>>>>

It is above the Woot blog and woot chatter sections.

I tried that before posting the question. Doesn’t work. I tried searching just for my username and it found a couple comments I made 3 years ago, but no recent posts I’ve made in the woot product discussions.

Do you remember any of the words you typed by chance? I’ll help see if I can find it.


found it!

Found with google search: mdickinson PC

This was your post:


So the answer to my original question (Could someone tell me how I can search for previous posts by username or just for my own previous posts) is just “use google” ? there’s no way to do it from within woot’s forums?

The custom search was supposed to find it. I sorted by date and was just getting some goggles as far as recent stuff. Not sure why it was not finding it really.

I wish there was a post history for a user, but if there is, it isn’t available to us.

I also wish there was Q****P tracking. I wonder what I said that was of quality and sometimes can’t find it.


i’d rather track cuties than qps.

You don’t already?

i’d rather keep them locked in the basement than track them.

It’s because they’re EZ Peel, isn’t it?

i find them rather appealing.

Hey. I was checking a few things when I had more time since I am home now. It matters where you are searching. If you are on only posts in the forums available in are available.

Your comment was made on When I searched from there, it worked as expected. I guess just going to google is quicker if you are unsure of which subdomain the comment was made.