How to grow health on woot ?

I am new here. how to improve myself on woot ?

Looking for your help

Tost ~

Boy, are you in the wrong place.

Spend all your money on woot stuff.

spend all your monies on THIS woot stuff:

But what about this shirt?

that shirt is obviously designed by some talentless hack.

Too bad there’s a limit of 15 shirts.
I’m sure queensamy has more money to spend than that.

there’s always tomorrow … for dreams to come true!

You should hear some of the things I may or may not have heard about the “designer” of the artwork on that t-shirt.

Edit: This comment would make a lot more sense if you were to know who I am.

well, improve yourself?

oh! and buy lots of T shirts! you will probably buy? just pretty much, no ones.