How to Jackalope

That saw-toting bunny emigrated from England, didn’t it.

Never eating at the bunny hut.

That meat bunny is getting crazier every time!

Needs some catchy text, like “River Bluff Dental”.

Mmmhm. That thar 'lope got jacked.

I just hope he’s a meatatarian, so nothing goes to waste.

Woot needs to do a “collect them all” with @fablefire’s “Meatatarian” bunny.

Someone needs to commit that bunny. It’s full-bore crazy.

Oh I see, we track who buys this shirt and they’re all probably serial killers. What a clever idea!

Kidding, I love the dark n’ cute. Congrats Fable. ;^)

(EDITed for brain fart)

This is pretty excellent.

…and terrifying.

Oh Fablefire, my wife is going to put a stop to my Wooting if I buy one more of your shirts.

oh well, she can deal.

I love Fablefire’s cute/dark shirts, but they’re kind of on hold after my son took a good long look at “Bok Bok Party Wok” and quietly asked what those foxes are doing to those baby chickens.

And they looked like they were having so much fun…


The most deadly creature in the world…a white bunny rabbit!

I thought shirts were free shipping. So sad…

My gods, he truly IS the luckiest bunny!!!

The price on shirts was reduced and the shipping is $5 flat. Buy two shirts (any two shirts! or more!) or any other .woot items and save!

How much I love the bunny shirts. Just wish your shirts had the option for something other than green.

But nothing if buying two or more? :slight_smile: