How to make yourself not to be shy ?

I am a shy girl , Every time I have a chance to talk with a boy , I always too shy to act normally ,so the images I leave to boys are always introverted , weird.some boys have good feelings about me at first but after getting in touch with me , they will leave me alone , I am 24 years old , I do not even have my first love , what can I do ?Please hep me .

This is a particularly weird thread because I can see that you both have the same IP address.

So…the answer to getting over your shyness is to have a conversation about it, with yourself, in a random web forum.

On Freud’s birthday, no less.


Quite interesting, actually. Three possibilities come to mind:

  1. The original poster became nervous that, after three hours, no one had replied. In order to get others to reply, they might have figured that a first reply would break the ice, stimulating the thread more and get people to actually talk to them.

  2. It could be that a roomate actually cares about them but is too shy to say as much face-to-face. So in order to give encouragement while not having to worry about anxiety irl, they got an account here to give their reply.

  3. With it being a Freud sort of day, something something sex. Because Freud.

we’re all figments of dontwantaname’s imagination.

at least i am.

The lisa14541 nickname was created today. sue999 was created on the 9th. Who’s messin’ with us?




  • i’ve got a crush on you…sweetie pie…*

Thanks ,I will try .

My friend registed your website account with my computer ,so… anyway ,thanks for your attention .

Something isn’t right. Very weird punctuation and consistent in the oddness throughout.

The last reply is strange… no one gave any advice from what I can see.

Maybe it’s a troll but what if it really is a 24 year old woman who is shy! If she is legit then she may have some social anxiety issues. Being talked about the way all of you have, staff included, is really not the best way to interact in this case.

Thanks a lot .

Sorry for late reply , we have a jet leg , I will try to make myself to live a normal life .

Run for Congress.
That’ll cure ya.

Really? how you get over this ?

Thanks ,I feel better .

Yeah, i have some friends who have the same problem with you. I think being shy because you lack confidence. You may be confident about yourself and talk bravely with boys. Good Luck darling ^^