How to Post in the NEW Woot Community!


Apparently there are different types of pictures - you’re right, a quick click DOES pull up all of the images you just posted - but if you go up to post 25 above, showing the dash-cam mode pic of an AT-AT “walker” on a snowy road, clicking does nothing. THAT was the most recent incentive for “gotta figure out how to capture that one”, BTW.

Have to ask, what IS that “ツ” character
between the parentheses made from? Has to be something the “system” generates from a multi-character combo… Google mostly sucks at searching for un-named graphics.

¯\(ツ)/¯…¯\(《ツ》)/¯… ツ

Also obvious the “system” USES (and won’t always DISPLAY) the “back-slash” character, probably unless preceded by some “skip the next character” flag… ahh, a double back-slash displays right. That sweet sense of discovery!

I Googled “shruggie”, and added 2 backslashes.

I then added it as a custom word in Gboard.


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Gboard? Found it! You trust that app?

One aggravating behavior here - I leave to research something, and have to enter the app from scratch, it doesn’t preserve where I was…

To Gboard, or to adding custom words?

I use a Pixel 3a, so it’s a matter of less apps have access to my stuff.

(Though I did disable certain things in the app.)

Found it, thanks - now to ponder a new tool…



You can now search GIPHY for gifs to add to your post.


Click on the GIF tool to display the search box:


Type in what you want to search and various GIFs are proposed:

Click and it’s in your post.

Happy John Oliver GIF by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


My life is now complete.

Running Man Dancing GIF


I use gboard - but am on an lg g7 last time I updated ANY app, was when it was a FORCED update…I refuse to update, unnecessarily, apps just for hell’uv’it ?? why?? security?? hhhmmm…says something about the APP!!