how to post pic


Can’t understand why my image isn’t posting. I’m using as a host. I’m trying the standard to no avail. Any help from wooters? The pic I’m trying to post is for the contest.

Here; I’ll try it for a demo of how badly I am at this:


Hmmm, dunno what to say. Your tags are fine and the link works fine. Maybe try hosting it elsewhere and see if you get better results? Sorry I can’t be of more help. :frowning:


How’d I do that? I went to the picture from your non-working tag in your post. I then right clicked the picture, chose properties, and then copied the http info from the resulting properties pop-up box.

Your original link looked like this

Whereas the info I got from right clicking your picture at the source looks like this


Ah, cool! Well done czar!


Thanks, I think all the extra characters in his original link didn’t translate correctly for posting. I’m not sure though, you’ll have to ask somebody more knowledgable in html to explain it.


yeah, I see what you mean. TY so much for that tidbit. Good to know, since I’ve tried to help people with contest tags on the weekend and sometimes, have seen a similar issue. You’ve given me another possibility.

So fuel, quote czar and use that link from properties:
[img][close image tag]

edit:O K ^^ text forczar’s link shows up.


Thanks a ton guys-
I suppose I should have figured that out… Distracted by work I guess!


You’re welcome fuelrod. Glad we could be of assistance. Post anytime you have a question, or just want to post for posting’s sake.


So, how do I take a pic? I mean, one that isn’t mine?


If you don’t want to take your own pic, then turn the camera around, and point the lens at another object/person/imaginary friend.


(pssst, czar . . . I meant steal someone else’s pic . . . shhhhhhhhhhh.)