How To Post Pics (detailed easy info)

I have no idea.

Please, someone, fill in the blanks here…
After that:____
And Then:______

Please please please.
I have some pics of my kitty, my dogs, etc I wish to post…


Or, feel free to burn this thread.

first: eat a bowl of cereal.
Next: wander around house making vague tennis serving motions.
Next: :meh:
Next: Look at your computer and growl
Last: there it is, a pic on your post!

Now wasn’t that easy!

I ate the wrong kind of cereal.

We will have to try again later.



Thank you, we will see.
I am not a slow learner, but I need to actually do something once or twice till I get it, lol.

Not like languages, heh, I pick those up right away…as does daughter, heh.
I can even get the gist of some languages I don’t speak, as long as they have similar roots, heh…

Ok. Someone posted it in a forum somewhere but I can’t find it. It’s also in the formatting guide when you post.

Ok. Thank you.

I don’t get it.
I know I need to put my pic somewhere, like imageshack or photobucket, but I do not know how to do that, or re-size it when it is there.
And then I don’t know how to post it here.

I am very smart about a lot of stuff, but no one ever showed me how to do this…


The other thing of value you can remember is that you can also load an image on imageshack from another website. right click on the image and select “copy image location”. then go to imageshack and select URL instead of file on the upload spot. then paste the image location you previously copied, and select upload. voila!

Just to confuse things…
Some of what I see looks like that. Some doesn’t.

Why not just download the imageshack toolbar?

Hmmm…maybe i should do that. :wink:



I’ve got it for IE and FF. Can also upload any pic, on my ‘puter or from the net, with a right click o’ the mouse.