How to Promote an online portfolio

So I just launched my site,, recently, and I’m looking to get as many eyes on it as possible right now. I have a regular design job, but I’m trying to get a good chunk of Freelance work on my plate as well. I’ve heard of Society6, which is like a networking website for artists to promote their work, and that’s awesome.

Are there any other venues that are available for freelance artists to promote their work? What do the artists here do to get traffic rolling through their sites on a regular basis?

Any advice would be muchly appreciated, guys and gals.

Posting here was a good thing to start with. I liked your site.

Ah, thanks! I’m glad I found Woot those many moons ago.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

  1. You already have some unprinted shirt designs created, so it might be a good idea to shop those around to other contest sites- I’ve heard of several people who got freelance gigs after their work was seen on Threadless, TeeFury, DBH, etc, and plus linking your portfolio on those sites should lead to some traffic. If your design prints, you’ll get even more.

  2. Create a links page and populate it with the sites of your artist friends or artists you like. Then let them know you’ve done it- some will do the same for you, increasing your visibility and strengthening your connections.

  3. If you want to be featured by, say, illustration blogs, start following them. Post comments often- your site is linked with your name, and you’ll get some hits. Even better, if you know what you’re talking about, you’ll probably also get some credibility and build a reputation.

I’d also suggest making a list of online artists whose careers/gigs you respect. Some of the people on that list will be established, others will be more up-and-coming. Look at where they have their work linked and featured, because at least some of those places will also be an option for you.

I already loved your design style, and I love the stuff you have in your portfolio too. I added a link to you on mine: (scroll down on the first page). Actually, my “FRIENDS” section is severely lacking, so if any other artists want to exchange links, just let me know.

Yeah, I’ve been a member on a bunch of different tee sites for a while, I’ve just never attempted a print at any of those places. I think I was waiting until I had a site for the viewers to navigate to, should I ever get a print. I also actually do read a couple of t-shirt and illustration blogs on a regular basis, but I’ve never commented or made it known that I’m a regular visitor. I guess I could start doing that. Thanks for the advice! The links page is something I could definitely do, since I’m always scouring the internet for interesting/impressive artist websites!

Ah! Sweet, thanks! I’m going to have to make a links page some time this weekend and implement it, but I’m for sure going to put yours up!

Also, I’d like to pick your brain for a while. I might be bothering you soon with some questions, Miss Boots.

Not sure if I want to share some info with you. You could be a potential threat to my freelance business because your work is really good, way better than mine, and I adore it immensely! So it’s just natural that I must crush the competition by not helping. Hahah, I joke. I’m not really in the design biz. I kinda wish I am. Creating cool art stuff is sooooooo much fun! Sorry for not really helping, haha, but I can still wish you good luck in your endeavors :slight_smile:

Pick away, anytime. :slight_smile: