How to rip songs from LPs?

Hey, all you computer whizzes, I have a question. My home-assembled computer’s motherboard (MSI K8N Neo4) has a built-in sound controller- Realtec AC97 audio controller.

I know it ain’t too good, but my wife and I got to talking about all the records we have. I have an old Pioneer turntable (decent, with a still pretty good stylus). Will I need to connect it to an amplifier before sending the signal to the computer? is there enough signal? or can I just plug in the two channels directly?

If necessary, I can connect it to the TV’s receiver amplifier (Panasonic), but I’ll need a rather long stereo cable to do that.

Back in those days, I used to play my albums once, recording them, and then played the recordings, so they ought to be in decent shape. I doubt hers will play as well.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

I have thought about getting a USB turntable, but I offloaded almost all of my vinyl and only kept what is not coming out on CD ever.

I used to have record fights on the playground near my house. Get a bunch of free lps (junk that nobody wanted) and whiz them at each other. At some point in flight, the records would shoot upward and come crashing down to shatter into pieces on the blacktop. No one ever was hurt in this game even though we were chucking them ninja-style right at one another.

I also have a ton of records I need to record on the computer. I believe if you have a receiver with a separate amp you can take the line out and connect it to the mic line or audio input on the computer and use the Windows sound editor to make recordings. My old stereo is a cheap one piece unit without a separate amp. I believe you need the separate amp to control the recording levels. I have tried recording without it and the sound was very faint. If you do not have a separate amp, it is recommended you buy a pre-amp and use it to connect to the computer. I bought one off of amazon last year for around $20, but I haven’t had time to test it out. I also remember a site that had instructions for recording records on the computer. If I can find it I will post it for you.

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Record player output is pretty low so I think you’d need a preamp…

You might also want to check out Audacity for recording and editing the sound files. It’s open source and can save wavs or mp3s or whatever you want. It has a lot of editing options, but at the very least you’ll probably want to use it to Normalize the recordings and trim off the junk.

(A 192kbps mp3 is CD quality. It takes an extra plugin to save mp3s, but it’s pretty easy to install and they walk you through it. Let me know if you need any other help.)

Thanks blue and zea. I think I have the info I wanted. I downloaded Audacity. I don’t have a long enough cable yet, but I do have stereo inputs on the PC. I believe it will work. and OI will route the signal through my amplifier- I thought I’d need to, but was hoping I could just connect directly.

Gonna take a lot of hours of playing those old records…

I have been meaning to do this with my and my father’s collections for years! Let me know how it works out for you! My stereo is already hooked up to my compuer (but for output, I think I could just move the cables though). I wouldn’t try the recording without the amp, but I haven’t looked into the software side.

It seems like it would be so time consuming to record in real-time now, but that is the way my father and I always made our cassets, and always from the vinel, and never more than a song or two from each album per tape.