how to work around the screwed up quotes and smileys


ok, so the codeslaves have done something
anwyay, now our quotes and smileys don’t work…
we’ve figured out a few work arounds, though…
first, quote tags normally look like this:
[ quote user=“jqubed”]//cracks whip at codeslaves[/ quote]
but that’s giving us this:

we’ve figured out that if we take out user=“jqubed” that it works, so it should look like:
[ quote]//cracks whip at codeslaves[/ quote]
which gives us:

then, if you type something up above it, you can fake the attribution:
[ b]jqubed wrote:[/ b]
[ quote]//cracks whip at codeslaves[/ quote]
which gives us:
jqubed wrote:

of course, you could have it say whatever you want, which can be more entertaining… gimmaroon suggests that we not type “username wrote:” so that the codeslaves won’t think that they fixed the problem when they really haven’t… incidentally cruzer figured out that the odd letters in the quote box are the last letter in the username of the person you tried to quote…

to get the smileys to work, post them like a regular image, instead of the smiley codes we’ve been using… just find the location the smiley comes from, and post it in the img tags… i’ve bumped the share your smileys thread where we listed all the emoticons supplied by woot… just right-click on the smiley and get it’s address… if you use Firefox, you can select the “Copy Image Location” option and then just paste it in your post… if you use Internet Explorer, you need to select “Properties” and then where it says “Address: (URL)”, copy the URL it gives you and paste that into your post… this pretty much means you’ll need to have 2 browser windows open at once… anyway, your final code should look like:
[ img][/ img]
and gives us:

don’t forget to take the first space out of the tags to make them work… hope that helps!


//sets fire to work-around . . .



that pyro AZGman:

ok, so it took a little editing…


A little? <chortle>


I fixed the quote problem. We don’t do smilies anymore, never wanted to.


bummer . . . thanks, but . . . bummer


How come I still can’t see who is quoted?!? Is it an Internet Explorer issue?


Doesn’t look like it’s quite back to normal, at least in IE.
Maybe Firefox…


Firefox shows who’s being quoted.
IE does not.


Yeah, quotes look fine in Ffox, but the name of the person quoted isn’t visible in IE.

Otoh, the Reporting forum shows overlapping text in Ffox, but looks fine in IE.


I notice the overwriting bit last night at home . . . since our puter geek just installed Firefox . . .


Drop-down box at the bottom of the page still doesn’t work either.
And no smilies?
Well, of course we can put them in, but it was pretty easy before.


[paranoid] I think we’re subtley being told to go waste somebody else’s bandwidth with our blather.[/paranoid]


Nah, no way.
They made some changes and it affected other stuff.
I do not understand it, but that’s what happened.


Awww, acemom . . . I was havin’ fun bein’ paranoid, but . . .

[paranoid]Maybe you’re in cahoots with their plans. Hmmmm?[/paranoid]


Goodness no! You took away our smilies??? Do you woot gods know how many fights we have had over misinterpreting stuff other people have said? That was with the smilies ( well nobody was using them at the time, but they could have).
Some of us are technically impaired (all right…I’m technically impaired) and can not do that hosting thing.

Oh, and tell Toon that the comment made about him was way out of line. Not Josephus, he is just passionate about his believes, the other guy.

If any woot god ever comes back to read this stuff.


no more smiles?

hmm, the only reason I can think of why not is because of the very small extra bandwith.


A delete Button!!! Maybe they are going to fix it!!!
Maybe they are fixing the stuff that is still messed up.:frowning:


well, maybe they will fix the broken stuff…maybe they should stop changing stuff… :expressionless:


nah… change is good. We wouldn’t want woot to get stale!

I still want the smilies back, please! :smiley: