How We Roll



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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I just might have to get this :smiley:


I expected it to be a Mirror’s Edge themed shirt =(

Why else would you capitalize DICE if not to refer to the company!




I couldn’t think of a dorkier shirt haha. Nothing wrong with that though =)


If I still played Magic I’d be all over this. Actually, I think I’ll buy it anyway.


This is both exactly as painfully nerdy as I thought it would be, and at the same time not half as poorly designed as I’d presumed.

Thanks for that, Wil. I was expecting a lot worse.


YES! Gaming dorks unite! :smiley:


Shut up Wesley!!!

In for one. My son will love it.


Pretty Awesome Shirt… Heavily considering adding it to my collection…


Not too shabby. Congrats on the print Wil. :slight_smile:


Ol’ Gordie just screwed the pooch!


Yaaay! Wil Wheaton, Woot! :smiley:




in for 1! and i got the black square on this one.


When I saw the name “Wil Wheaton,” I knew I recognized it. Then my jaw dropped. I might just have to get this because he designed it.

Stand By Me was my favorite movie as a kid. I rewatched it recently and realized how much I should not have been watching that movie when I was 11.


Aww, no love for the d10.


Catering to the D&D AND the sciency crowd!

Sadly, to no one else and hardly anyone in the 'twixt of them.


two words. one song. and its “Conventional Lover”

check it.