HP 10.1" ElitePad 64GB Tablet with Dock



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This is quite a good deal based on the screen. The processor is about 80% the performance of i5-4200U with much less power consumption (hence the smaller battery). Screen quality of 16:10 aspect ratio is marvellous. The small storage you can compensate with SD card.

You can find the service manual here:


The specs on Woot say (or at least imply) that the SD card slot is only available on the dock but the review posted above indicates that there’s one on the tablet. Can anyone confirm one way or the other (or both?)


Is the keyboard backlit? What is the total weight – keyboard plus tablet?


Confirmed SD slot on the tablet & the dock.


I did some googling and don’t see any reference to a backlit keyboard. It would drain the battery anyway.

Per the features
Tablet = 1.5lbs
Dock = 850 g

Math anyone?


1.5 lbs
680 grams

1.9 lbs
850 grams

3.4 lbs
1.53 kg


YAY! Math is easy. You get a quality post!


I assume this tablet can still be upgraded to Windows 10, yes?



It’s a beautiful Friday here and the buyer wants to blow through these so he can go home. He’s lowered the price by $30 to $299.99!

Go buy ALL the tablets.

Small Print: If you already purchased the tablet, that money will fly back into your bank account soonish.


Upgrade is available, yes.

I see Windows 10 drivers here.


Nope, no backlit on the keyboard.


If only that keyboard had a TrackPoint mouse on it this would be a lot more appealing…would be totally weird using Windows with only a touch screen when you have a keyboard dock


Lots of cool features, but only appears to have USB 2.0…pass


At less than $300 with the keyboard sleeve, this is one of the best deals that I have ever seen on Woot. The tablet had lackluster reviews when it came out last year because it was being compared with Intel Haswell-based ultrabooks instead of Android and iPad tablets. When compared with ARM-based tablets, the HP ElitePad 1000 G2 is very fast – roughly 2x-5x faster on CPU bound tasks than the Google Nexus 9 (32GB), which is $100 more expensive – and the milspec build quality is superior to all mainstream tablets. It also has a very good Full HD (1920x1200) IPS display covered in Gorilla Glass 3 and runs 64-bit Win8.1Pro.

A caveat is that these devices are refurbished. They come with a one year warranty from Metro Business Systems, a large business who apparently performed the refurbishment. One year is a very good warranty for a refurbished product. It’s possible that these devices are dinged up a lot (e.g. they are refurbs from a school or a business that treated them harshly). If the tablets are good quality refurbs then this is a great deal.

Here’s a quote from the vendor’s website which suggests that these might be factory refurbs with factory warranties:


Metro’s factory refurbished products are bought directly from the manufacturers including Samsung, HP, Asus, Dell and others. They are usually less than a year old. The majority of off-lease product is purchased from leasing companies. Manufacturers returned and refurbished stock, close outs and corporate-owned machines taken out of service comprise the rest of the off-lease portfolio.

Every Metro Business Systems unit has a full warranty from the manufacturers.


Was seriously considering getting this, as it is just about exactly what I’ve been looking for! A mouse, back-lit keyboard, and USB 3.0 or C would have been nice, but I can live without. How ever the lack of an HDMI output on the case is a deal breaker for me. Looks like my only option would be to buy the HDMI dongle, and with that plugged in I wouldn’t be able to charge it at the same time… Am I missing something?!


One of the pictures shows a little tab for holding a pen. Does this support an active digitizer?