HP 11" 11-G4 Intel Dual-Core Chromebooks

HP 11" 11-G4 Intel Dual-Core Chromebooks

Here is what 768 vs 1080p looks like.

Scaling could help with that. What’s up with the reddish tint though? I didn’t know that was an attribute of 768.

One of the most important thing about buying a refurbished Chromebook is to look at the remaining time for updates. Woot does a great job at listing it on their Chrome OS devices. This laptop will stop getting updates in 1 years time. It will continue to work afterwards, but you will be more susceptible to viruses/malware* unless you load a different OS on it.

  • One of the biggest benefits of Chromebooks is their simplicity for things like security.

It looks like Neverware CloudReady fully support these until 2031.

The reddish tint isn’t; it’s just the best “side by side” screenshot I can find to illustrate the differences.