HP 11.6" Intel Quad-Core Convertible Notebook

HP 11.6" Intel Quad-Core Convertible Notebook

For this price I would go for this:


The HD is smaller but the CPU is much better. And you can add a M2 memory with 500Gb.

Im using that one for work related stuff(development, react, java, heavy stuff) and works really well.

Silly question, I do not have internet my phone and current table are both through my cell service with Verizon. I’m don’t know if I purchased this would it work the same way or would I need to get internet service( I have wifi ) as you’ve undoubtedly noticed I’m computer illiterate Lol. Also, the description made it sound as though it’s for children, I’m 54 so and a quick study so I don’t want something I’ll "outgrow "!! Ok well, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Yes, you can connect through your phone’s hotspot. Your data would be limited though. Verizon’s data is capped at 15gb or 30gb per month depending on your plan. If you don’t stream music and video it should be plenty though.


I wouldn’t go so far to say much better. It’s about 10% to 15% according to passmark. Is that worth the extra 60 dollars considering you are getting true m.2 128 gb ssd vs 64 gb of emmc with the cheaper one? You’ll notice the the emmc a lot more than the the slightly slower clock speed. Especially when you start using your page file swap when you are close to maxing out your memory.

This is not a child’s computer, though it could be used by one (it isn’t designed for children). You’d likely not outgrow this one any time soon. The only thing I’d suggest is to add more RAM to it once you get it (have someone knowledgeable do that for you). It can support 8GB and I’d definitely recommend going to that amount to have better performance for Windows 10.

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In for one.

I get by with refurbs but it’s nice to get something new for a change.

Never realized how much I use touch screens for scrolling through documents. And the true SSD (not emmc) means I may be able to do audio editing on it.

Thanks Woot!


I do audio editing. While not as demanding as video editing, I found that eMMc can cause errors. So can really cheapo SSDs. The Lenovo has eMMc memory.

However, I took apart a Lenovo to replace a bad keyboard and was amazed at how serviceable it was. Lenovo even had guides on their site.

If you have WiFi you already have internet because wha ever to have an ISP(Internet Service Provider) before you can get WiFi. This is not a children’s computer but it doesn’t have much memory (my cell phone has more) it won’t run very fast because it only has 4GB DDR(Double Data Rate)) I would not get less than 12GB. It all depends on how you are going to use your computer. I would go somewhere that sells computers and talk to someone (Costco maybe) where they don’t work on commission and have them help you figure out what you need to buy based on your personal reasons for wanting a computer…

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I didn’t check the updated price … but some months ago that computer was 230usd. For that price, was a steal.

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What are you doing that require 12 GB of memory?

Have you USED Chrome lately?!?

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This is not a Chromebook. Not sure what you are referring to.

Got mine. Nice unit. Let it upgrade the software AND TWO (2) firmware upgrades. There is some school stuff you can uninstall.