HP 11.6" Dual-Core Chromebook

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HP 11.6" Dual-Core Chromebook
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I have owned this since it came out in 2013. It is super slow and the battery only last 3-4 hours, but has a great screen, great sound, and is lightweight. Uses the SlimPort micro usb adapter in conjunction with an HDMI cable to connect to monitor/TV. Went through a recall right after release due to the micro usb charging brick catching fire.

I have this Chromebook which is $20 cheaper with free shipping. They have, as far as I can tell, close to the same specs. I honestly can’t see how this is a good Woot deal. Correct me if I am wrong, please!

Reviews over at pcadvisor

Does this have an hdmi port, and if so is it mini or full sized

Just wondering in what way is it “super slow?” What are you using it for when it is slow? Thanks!

This one is 2.3 pounds, and yours is 2.5 pounds. Might save you a buck when shipping it back for repair. [Joke -hah-hah]

It’s not the same specs. Yours is better. The Intel Bay trail in the Asus is a better processor. The Asus is a better choice for anyone considering the option to run Linux also.

That Pentium in the Asus is likely a better CPU to boot. You are correct. Not a bad deal but there are faster chromebooks out there for similar $$.

On the plus side, this is a new laptop not refurbished.

I don’t see HDMI listed in the ports in the Specs tab.

No HDMI port? No SD port? The Samsung Chromebook I bought for $150 from Woot was a much better deal.

Pretty sure the $399 MSRP is fictitious. These sold for $279, at least ones with identical specs did.

This was close to being a fantastic chromebook – amazing screen and microusb charging is pretty cool – but the processor is just too wimpy. You’re much better off buying a Chromebook with an Intel processor. I have the C720 and it’s fantastic. Decent screen and build quality, but not sluggish and it has great battery life.

The Asus C200 looks like an even better option, but I haven’t used it personally. But you can get one with specs close to this (but no IPS display) for $179 on amazon. Reviews suggest it’s a little more sluggish than the Acer, but everything else is better (build quality, keyboard, trackpad, etc).

In general, you would be better off buying an Acer C720 than an HP 11.6. Check out the ChromeOS subreddit for discussion of various Chromebooks. The best affordable Chromebooks you can buy right now are the Toshiba Chromebook 2, or the Acer C720.

The TCB2 has a full HD (1920x1080) 13 inch display, but lesser performance. The Acer C720 only has an HD (1366x768) 11 inch display, but better performance.

And if you’re willing to wait a month or two, Acer is coming out with a new rugged 11 inch Chromebook, the c740, and a 15 inch Chromebook, the c910. They are estimated to release in February or March of this year.

I just bought a new C200MA-EDU-4GB on eBay for $190, and that’s including shipping.

I bought one of these last year at best buy with Verizon lte on it for $220-$240 can’t remember the exact price. I’m extremely happy with it.